Welcome to GolfMonster: About Us

GolfMonster is an online publication which launched in 2022 with the aim of providing the latest news, in-depth how-to guides and reviews in a magazine format to help you learn and improve your golf game.

Our goal is to provide the latest news and quality information on topics such as which equipment to choose & how to improve your game. We get hand-on with products and write highly detailed guides for buyers so you can make sure you spend your money wisely.

GolfMonster’s parent company is Kooc Media Ltd. An online media company based in Manchester, UK. Company No.05695741

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GolfMonster is based in the Algarve in Southern Portugal so we have access to some of the best golf courses in Europe. Look out for future video content when we launch our YouTube channel.

Meet The Team

Oliver Dale : Editor-in-Chief

Oliver Dale is Editor-in-Chief of GolfMonster and founder of Kooc Media Ltd, A UK-Based Online Publishing company. Oliver oversees the day to day running of the website & publication of our articles.


Brenton Barker : Author & Professional Golf Coach

Brenton is an Australian with 20 years of experience working with professional athletes. These athletes have combined to win more than ten international events. He holds a Degree in Sports Coaching and was the former Head Advisor to the Japanese Government Sports Institute. He was the former Manager & Head Coach to Tennis Australia and was a Dunlop International Advisory Board member for eight years. His expertise is in Goal Setting, Health & Nutrition, Internal and External Motivation, Technical Analysis, and Program Design and Delivery. Brenton currently consults with several professional athletes and clients from varying backgrounds and sports.

Owen Edwards : Author & Professional Golfer

Owen Edwards is a professional golfer from Wales. he grew up in the Netherlands, studied Business at the University of Birmingham, then started pursuing his golfing dreams. He has been a professional golfer since 2018 and currently plays on the Pro Golf Tour, a development tour based in Germany.

  • Follow Owen on his journey around Europe playing on the Pro Golf Tour while living in a converted van.

Casey Wade

Casey Wade : Reviews Editor

Casey hails from Florida & is our resident product tester and head of reviews here at GolfMonster. Casey is a scratch golfer with 20+ years of golf knowledge behind him. You will him out on the courses of Sarasota.


Philip Westbrook : News Editor

Hailing from From England, Philip has loved golf & has played since he was a kid. Now, he covers golf news here at GolfMonster. He studied sports journalism at university and has many years in the industry under his belt. Follow for the latest golf news and updates.

Editorial Policy

GolfMonster adheres to the strictest journalistic policies, we have a commitment to providing fair and unbiased reporting in all of our news coverage. Our journalists are required to fact-check each article before it is published and provide sources for quotes and statistics.

Each article is checked by an editor with expertise in that area before publication and our guides are regularly checked and updated where necessary to ensure our information is always accurate.

We create a lot of our own graphics and illustrations but where we use existing images our writers are required to obtain assets which are within the public domain and link to the source of any images used.

Advertising Policy

GolfMonster does not accept advertising at this time. If in future we decide to accept advertising, we will clearly mark it as such and advertisers will never affect our content or designate the direction of the site.

We do use some affiliate programs where appropriate, Certain companies offer an affiliate program where they may pay a small commission for any new customers we send their way.

GolfMonster is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com

We practice responsible affiliate linking and would not link to a site just to earn commissions and these payments do not affect our editorial policy in any way. If there is no affiliate program in place we will still link to any site where appropriate in our coverage.

These commissions that we earn do not cost you anything extra, and in some cases will actual offer you a better deal by using our link.

We do not see any of your personal details such as email addresses, payment information etc, just that we referred someone to the company.

If you have any questions, please contact us where we will be happy to help.